Snow Fluid - FG-100
FG-100-snow-fluid For the most realistic snow fall effect, SnowMasters evaporative snow machines should only be used with FG-100 snow fluid. This fluid is the secret to our snow being the driest and most evaporative in the world. When used with SnowMasters evaporative snow machines set to a medium sized flake, one gallon (4.5 litres) of FG-100 snow fluid will produce approximately 60-90 minutes of continuous snow fall. Adjusting the flake size on our machines will alter the duration of a bottle of fluid - smaller flakes use less fluid and larger flakes use more. Using any other fluid in our machines will void all warranties on snow machines.

Sold in pre-mixed or concentrate form, discounts available for bulk orders.


MSDS Sheet

Brackets for 20 litre pails
aus-pale-mounting-bracket Available for hire to increase the duration of snow from snow machines rigged up in trusses where it is difficult to refill bottles. Made in Australia and do comply with OH&S requirements.
Auto refill system

The fluid refill pumping system automatically maintains fluid levels in your special effects devices. Specially designed for Snowmasters snow machines but is compatible with all other equipment that utilizes liquids. It can also be used in other effects machines such as foggers or hazers.

The system detects the fluid level in the equipments' built in reservoir and signals a transfer pump connected to a multi-supply drum to refill the reservoir, all without user intervention. This is an ideal solution for installations with limited or difficult access such as ceilings or stages


Road cases + cloth covers

These specifically made road cases are used to protect the snow machines during freight trips across the country.

The velvet fabric covers can be used to hide the cases when placing the T-1500 and T-1500 mini snow machines on top of the case at an event. 

All weather covers - protect machines when used outdoors
T-1100 T-1500 T-1600
Protect your snow machines outside in case of rain. Easy to install and still provides access to the controls and fluid bottle. Made out of all weather vinyl. Available for T-1100, T-1500, T-1600

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